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Stainless steel flexible hose

Model No. F11  Stainless steel flexible hose

1. Stainless steel 304
2. Double lock
3. EPDM inner tube
4. Outside diameter is 14mm 
5. Length 150cm or with customers' requirements
6. Specification 1/2" 3/4" 1" etc

Brass shower hose

Model No. F12  Brass shower hose

The latest design with button-ring which boasts of merits can be used under high water temperature, high pressure, anti-corrosion, free twist, well-sealed, each button-ring can be moved freely. TOTALLY NON BREAK DOWN AND NON TWIST!

With Reasonable price and LONG-LIFE Material:
1)chromed brass
2) Flexible or extensible
3) Inner hose: EPDM
4) Length in line with customers' requirements
5) Type of two nuts in line with customers' requirements. F1/2"*F1/2" at 14mm*150-200cm available

Flexible hose

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